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About this site:

So basically, I launched this site just so I could upload content that was hard for me to find on the internet. I hope to implement features that will allow people to upload their own content. For that though I require server hardware and software. I am not at that point yet so completely ignore the uploading content idea for the time being.

Anyway, like I was saying, this site is mainly just for my own purposes. Storage and what not. If you like the content I post on here than I guess I hope you enjoy the site. If you do not enjoy the things I post, then go to a site that you do like. I am not here to please you; I am here to serve my own purposes and maybe the others that do enjoy my content.

I will mainly be posting obscure content i.e. books, manuals, diagrams, data files, really just anything I find interesting. I am sure the occasional movie or meme will also make an appearance. However, I am not trying to get this site taken down immediately. I will leave that to my loyal viewers to get my site taken down. I really don't want to be someone who controls what others post, this is why I made this site. I have a hard time with fitting in with the normal scope of things, so I guess this is my outlet.

The links you see above will be reserved for some topics that I have lots of information on and would like to share. However, not all of those links will be reserved for that type of stuff. I would like to dedicate one page to talking about myself and giving some contact information. One of those tabs may also just be for testing the upload feature I talked about earlier. Or it may have just a bunch of incoherent nonsense that you will not understand but I do. I have no idea what I would like to do fully with this site. It is mainly experimental and I just want to toy around with shit and maybe meet some cool people.

As for you, the viewer, you may do as you please with this content. I will be leaving some contact information if you are interested with chatting with me. I don't really check my email all too often. But since I am putting my info out here on the internet I guess I will check so a little more often than usual. I hope you enjoy what I post, but If you do not it really does not phase me.

Here are some things I find interesting that are not really worthy of their own page, but are important enough to be mentioned. Truthfully it is just a compilation of things that I use regullarly and its just just insight on my interests I guess. I may or may not update this list. There also actually may be pages dedicated to some of these topics. I know for a fact a lot of the things I will be uploading here will be coming directly from some of these sights. So in a way posting these things here is also a way for me to sight my sources or share how I got some of this content.

· Temple OS: The operating system of God's prophet Terry A. Davis
· Porn Hub: I really do not need to explain this
· Privacy Tools: Some cool privacy tools I use regularly
· Open Library: A library site that has lots of unique and rare texts to offer
· PDF Drive: Yet another library with an even broader range of files
· Anon File: A site like Dropbox that allows you to upload content annonymously
· Ghost Bin: An annonymous alternative to Pastebin
· Erowid: A site with information about narcotics
· Crime Stats: Niggle me this batman, what accounts for 13% but also for half?